I was thinking the other day about how some cocktails/alcohol are/is associated with different times of the day.  I know you should drink what you like and you’ll like what you drink, but it just seems some concoctions are more fitting for a specific time of day.

Brunch, for instance, is usually a mimosa or Bloody Mary or Greyhound/Salty Dog.  These are all clear and somewhat lighter liquid-based.  You rarely hear of someone having a Scotch or Bourbon with breakfast.  Unless, of course, it’s a maple-bourbon glaze on your French toast!

Then when you move into lunch it’s usually a white wine or more clear liquids.

Happy Hour and or Dinner is where you move into your caramel-colored liquids.  Two fingers of a nice Scotch is always great to come home to after a hard day at the office.  Maybe a Manhattan with your appetizer?  My doctor would probably tell you I eat too much red meat, but I always think of red wine with dinner, even if it’s fish, especially if it’s salmon!

One of my favorite aperitifs is a Hazelnut liqueur.  Nice and warm and brown and settles the tummy before bedtime.

What are your go-to cocktails for specific times of day?