The past two blogs have been about cars, so I thought I’d make this one about a cocktail.  And, since Halloween is coming up this weekend, I thought I’d talk about the spookiest cocktail in the book:  The Green Spyder!

This is also one of the simplest cocktails in the book, with only two ingredients:  151 Rum and Green Crème de Menthe.  Some recipes call for taking them as separate shots, the rum first; and some call for them to be mixed in a shot glass (this is sometimes called a “Minty Spider”).  Either way, it’s like a mouthful of mouthwash, but with extra burn.  Can you tell it’s not one of my favorites?

The Green Spyder is a good themed drink to serve at Halloween or St. Patrick Day parties, but warn your guests it’s on the sweet side.  Too many of them can do to your tummy what Ralph Nadar’s book did to the Corvair, of which the Spyder was a trim option.  Sorry, it’s scary how I keep digressing into cars after all.

Happy Halloween!